Sunday, June 12, 2011

I am part of nature and nature is part of me

I went for my routine swim yesterday evening. It was almost 8 o'clock and time to get out of the water. For my last lap, I decided to take it easy and float instead. I really never tried this one...but then my ears were under water , face facing the sky..never ever I think I felt part of the nature in this manner.
I felt the hugeness of the creation.
Water was unfathomable (at that time I felt so) and the hue of the navy blue sky, recalling almost the end of the day..and just myself in between. There was just the mumbling sound, voice of nature or my inner soul? I admired the hugeness and power of nature. It was an ambivalent feeling. for a fraction of second I was scared but the tranquility enveloped my senses. Nature will take care of me . My mother and other near ones are there too...somewhere. Either in the listless sky who is looking down at me, or the air brushing my face soothingly or the blue water cradling me....Who Dares Death?