Thursday, February 16, 2012

Vanishing promises....

       I don’t deny the fact that I’m the typical woman who just poses to be the best in all roles yet very vulnerable and anxious about everything all the time. True. I confess.

As the mother of two young and terrible “little rascals” I always get the perfect opportunity to play a disciplinarian and which secretly I flounder ( at times). As the elder one tries to defy my words with a smile (devilish) the younger one...barely two years..puts up his index finger , sways it and utters ‘No No’. Remember he hardly spells out few mono syllabic  words ! 

I summon God and ask Him to give me the power to bear these creatures...

All change when your children fall sick. My elder one , Juhi almost 7 years...was down with fever and my son Jai was also unwell.  Almost a week both the kids suffered. More so I did. All mothers do. Specially I remember the times when I was harsh with them and promise myself to be the best Mom ever born on earth.  Juhi wanted permission to watch TV as being in bed for days turned boring...and when I agreed she promised me to be the best girl ever born on earth.

 Well,  fever subsided. Asking for permission replaced by stubbornness. And all promise from both the parties vanished. Does it only happen with me?