Road Counts

Its said when  you are in doubt Travel, when you are happy Travel, when you are dejected and in hopeless circumstances Travel, when you are in pensive mood  Travel, when you are curious Travel, when you have nothing to do Travel. Yes I do abide by it. Its just that, even when there are no vacations, no plans, during examinations and mid session - I need to travel. Travel to a new location, peace or moderate field locations (as per military lingo) , figure out best schools, market and maid. Well, well, hold on! I am not cynical to the idea of travelling and the last few lines do not hijack the need (emotional and spiritual) to travel. I am inclined to travelling if not very passionate. Its just than travelling sounds fun sans packing.
Travel for me is search. Its not only exploring the place but also oneself. Knowing new people, feeling the pristine beauty of a new place, unexpected encounters with people and situations, enjoying the food - specially  the local pick and yes elements of surprises. All these contribute to make us a better human being.  

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