Monday, May 14, 2018

Just pondering....

Our children are immediately connected moments after birth! Like, the baby's aunt might yell with joy, "he bats his eyelids just like his mother!", mother in law might add to counter, "ohh! but he yawns just like my son!" And so it would continue for sometime till all his features and little antics are associated with everybody related by blood and even more, like...
  • fingers resemble exactly of his grandfather ( paternal)
  • but the thumb is just like his grandfather ( maternal)
  • smiles like his paternal aunt
  • but cries like his maternal aunt
  • stairs like his uncle (paternal)
  • sleeps like his uncle (maternal)
  • looks like his grandmother (paternal)
  • behaves like his grandmother (maternal)
It's never ending till he grows up and creates a another blueprint ( read offspring) of his own!
Well some of the similarities drawn with the baby are true, some are figment of imagination and some are forcibly attributed to establish his strong links to the family tree. But after so many years, as I see my children around I feel I am just a medium. Medium for procreation, for teachings, for life skills etc. Every body is just a medium for the next, and next will be medium for the next and so on.
We call it advancement of human race, survival of the fittest or what ever but the fact is that we are never the end product. For ages we have been the medium for the next and therefore we must give the best what we have learnt in our time with experience.
So will the last man of the human race ( if ever there is )possess all the wisdom, learning, experience and expertise of millions of years? Is there any way mediums can know about it?

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