Moments Thru My Lens

Certain events in life make an indelible mark. Sometimes, deep enough to transform us, or hilarious to the hilt. Every moment is relative. The way I see it, feel it, laugh at it, attimes give a damn at it, or overburdened with it. Every individual possesses a different kaleidoscope to view life. So your outlook, your visualization, your thoughts and your experiences are way apart than mine . But being part of the same cosmos and era, we have little bit of everyone in us. Take a sojourn and travel my moments with me and who knows you can rediscover yourself too!
1. Seven Ages Of a Woman and More
When I was just a little girl, I asked my mother "what will I be…?” I am far from humming the Dorris Day popular number, instead recollecting this question which I asked my mother especially on my birthday and that too a zillion times. 
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2. A forced short story of Laila - The Snow Princess

The snow princess Laila in different moods and stages. She came to spread happiness and love. She did. She was in excruciating pain due to canine auto immune syndrome but unfailingly wagged her tail when we were in the vicinity albeit faintly later.
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3. An encounter with life

It was just another Monday for me, with barrage of anxieties. My daughter did not fair well in the first term exam, my 5 year old son, Jai suffered from high fever and the maid did not turn up. The bathroom tap leaked and the plumber did not come after repeated calls, I hardly got time to do exercise and pitied myself as I looked in the mirror.
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4. Begin Again

It was indeed a lazy summer afternoon. My little typhoon of five years fell asleep. It's a miracle but I don't know how it happened.
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5. My precious gifts are with me, I donot have to hunt happiness

We parked the car in Gopinath Bazaar and went to buy my favourite brownie. It was just one of the easy and lazy late evenings of otherwise demanding life of Delhi. 
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6. It was kind of weird!

I was trying to rush through Kolkata traffic only to find one red light after another staring at me angrily.
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7. Blink of innocence
How many times can you look at the same stuff. But seeing the unrelenting enthusiasm of your better half attimes reluctantly you have to comply.
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8. Everyday wonder

It was raining and I was driving at moderate speed. My mind was preoccupied with...
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9. Walking in the rain

I completely detested my habit of getting up late and then rushing through things. I vowed to change.
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10. I am part of nature and nature is part of me

I went for my routine swim yesterday evening. It was almost 8 o' clock and time to...
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11. God, he won the battle already...what else can you take away?

It was 24th December 2008. Maa completed the six chemotherapy cycles and with renewed hope we landed at Tata Memorial Hospital for another check up.
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