Smile the mile up. A sweet smile, little banter, an uproarious laugh and an iota of positive spirit are the perfect ingredients for imperfect lives! Who has defined perfection in any way and who cares!

Read on with a head on collision with happiness and let you roll in the aisles.

1. Love peeps...

The morning rush was on. I scurried around the house for meeting various deadlines. Making sure that the bread pieces do not get an extra time in the toaster...
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2.  Journey of a love mug
We all do crazy things when in love! I did too. Once I bought a white mug and secretly took the same to the bathroom...
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3. A bit of reir en voz altar
With a zest and confidence he uttered, " I will ensure that no one in this world gets away from me.."
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4. Letter to God
Wish I had the magic wand or what if God granted me three wishes right now...
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5. Vanishing promises
I don't deny the fact that I'm a typical woman who just poses to be the best in all roles yet very much vulnerable and anxious about everything all the time.
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6. Second devil is a better bargain
Is it can't be..might be...NO NO I'm yet to identify myself with...
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7. What's in a name?

Though one might think like Shakespeare, "What's in a name?" That which we call a rose/ By any other name would smell as sweet."
I beg to differ.
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