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Who said author's cannot be partial about their work? I am. Though its wrought with difficulty, as the other ( stories) scornfully looks at you, when you leave them in the archive. All moments are special , therefore all stories are. They remind you different phases of life, situations and reaction towards them.

1. God, he won the battle already...what else can you take away?

It was 24th December 2008. Maa completed the six chemotherapy cycles and with renewed hope we landed at Tata Memorial Hospital for another check up.
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2.  Everyday wonder

It was raining and I was driving at moderate speed. My mind was preoccupied with...
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3. It was kind of weird!

I was trying to rush through Kolkata traffic only to find one red light after another staring at me angrily.
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4. Share! Respect! C'mmon can that be in PTM?

The adrenalin rush was like last ball decider of an Indo-Pak cricket match. I could sense a parent craning her neck just to look at the papers in my hand.
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5. My precious gifts are with me, I donot have to hunt happiness

We parked the car in Gopinath Bazaar and went to buy my favourite brownie. It was just one of the easy and lazy late evenings of otherwise demanding life of Delhi. 
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6. Seven Ages Of a Woman and More
When I was just a little girl, I asked my mother "what will I be…?” I am far from humming the Dorris Day popular number, instead recollecting this question which I asked my mother especially on my birthday and that too a zillion times. 
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7. A forced short story of Laila - The Snow Princess

The snow princess Laila in different moods and stages. She came to spread happiness and love. She did. She was in excruciating pain due to canine auto immune syndrome but unfailingly wagged her tail when we were in the vicinity albeit faintly later.
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8. Packed the moments in the trunk, too

Day started as usual and my approach was even more casual. All changed with a phone call.
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9. Radio of my childhood
A simple box from where I heard sound --magic! I thought it to be, when I was little.
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10.  Journey of a love mug
We all do crazy things when in love! I did too. Once I bought a white mug and secretly took the same to the bathroom...
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11. Second devil is a better bargain
Is it can't be..might be...NO NO I'm yet to identify myself with...
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12. What's in a name?
Though one might think like Shakespeare, "What's in a name?" That which we call a rose/ By any other name would smell as sweet."
I beg to differ.
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 13.The Girl and the Living Walls

Earlier this week I was applied double coats of distemper, few furniture were replaced, couple damp spots in my wall repaired. I can’t tell you how happy I was. I always felt cold with those damp spots in me and it also made me look dreadful and ancient. 

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