Cusp of Midlife

Knowingly I did not set a time frame of midlife. Its left to my and your imagination. Reason- if I write that midlife bracket is 35 to 50, the question to pop up is, what after that? Ohhh the very question is creepy! Therefore, midlife means whenever you get depressed, when ever you doubt yourself, whenever you feel tired and less motivated, sans any age! Ahh..I feel so much relieve.
Honestly, I love the age 26. I'm in love with that age. I felt empowered. And empowerment came from job, happening love life, super figure, great friends and family ( Oh! even the grandparents were alive). People asked about my opinion for big things (like the choice of wall paint or Bicycle brand) and also earned affection from all like a little girl! You all also must be having your favorite age, right?
Life has moved on but am stuck at 26! I have to be part of very mature discussion now and the most important being the size of waist.

This age means lots of shades of brown and...

Choosing beige and brown over purple.
Deciding for a place to stay for future. It should be compatible for senior citizens and then the market, hospital stationary shops should be near by.
Supervising your growing up ones must be the only priority of life. Outsmart them with gizmo gyan and have the last laugh. Clandestine  watch on them too! (This goes without saying. Its passed down to all moms in all generations)
Worry about child's  marks and life revolving from one PTM to another
Advices of how to become your child's best friend.
Take part in discussions of SIP, Mutual Funds and LIC schemes.
You must be aware against life threatening as well as lifestyle diseases and teach the same to your juniors - You must have good knowledge of diabetes, arthritis, acidity etc) and you will be looked with awe and admiration.  Ask all to stay away from junk food and be dogmatic state that during your days you preferred dal, chawal and sabzi.  Is it true anyways?
You always obeyed your elders and now every one ( you mean your children must do so).
Even in your college WhatsApp group, you must circulate messages of peace, childcare, weight control method and sermons of different religious and spiritual guru. You aught to sound mature. Do you really want to?
In short midlife Mrs means that you must have complete know how of kitchen - the blend of all spices to making cheese cakes and perfect chopping of coriander leaves.  You must experienced in house keeping - to do up bed linens, perfect in laundry and speck of dust must not be seen on your table top. All the nuances and methods of puja must be known to you.  You should be a great host, wonderful neighbor, greatest mother, super dutiful daughter in law, charming but sensuous wife and yes supreme commander of the maids!
 You must be the enlightened one at this age (before this you are allowed to commit mistakes and after this, whether you have Alzheimer's or not, you are spared!)
 You have to be the epitome of wonder woman of the century, whom your children follow, maids fear, husband loves, wants and fears ( a little may be), in laws - trust and depend, colleagues respect and you yourself wonder....Why? What ? Where? How? W-h-e-e-n-n????
And keep on planning for the great rendezvous with notorious college friends once in a year...but the year never came!
That's a lot!
But just think... mostly we are abided by these unwritten rules and judge others on basis of the same.
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