Madam Combatant

I am called Madam Combatant.
I am half fauji, half cook, full time mom, half gardener, full wife (ha! ha!), half house keeper, half vet, half teacher, half professional (journo, teacher, PR, on line proof reader), half emcee, half doctor, full time packers and movers and so on! You must be wondering, why just about 50% of everything? Well, let me remind you that I am made of flesh and blood and have a definite capacity as designed by the Almighty. Oh! yes, the other half of the tasks are for my other half! Got it? Sounds familiar? Then just read on...

1. Packed the moments in the trunk, too

Day started as usual and my approach was even more casual. All changed with a phone call.
‘Hi pack up Darling’, my husband sounded excited on the other side of the call.

I gasped to listen to the place of our new posting as it was due. He played with word before uttering the most coveted word and destination for next two years. My mind rehearsed all the names to my knowledge which only attimes I find Army wives know of...

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