Saturday, February 10, 2018

A forced short story of Laila - The Snow Princess

The snow princess Laila in different moods and stages. She came to spread happiness and love. She did. She was in excruciating pain due to canine auto immune syndrome but unfailingly wagged her tail when we were in the vicinity albeit faintly later. Tranquility pervaded her ever watchful eyes. There was age old wisdom and maturity in her during her final days. This transformation of someone who always provided us with many moments of outstanding entertainment and laughs majorly as a result of her cheekiness was too much to grasp! She knew it. Probably she knew us more.
As life ebbed away in a cold February evening she gave lives. Clenched her teeth and held on giving birth to wonders and miracles. Licked her pups gingerly, fed them yet all the while writhing in pain but never once I witnessed empty eyes and broken spirit. She entrusted me with her little ones...and her life faded way in oblivion but not before I read in her eyes...Take Care.
My four legged companion taught me endurance, friendship, trust , value of time and motherhood. I learnt to appreciate life and Never Give Up.
To my children she was their confidante and partner in crime. With her they understood the real meaning of the labelled word " share" sans her meat piece though! She taught them selfless love and in death gave lesson of Dying as no teacher in the world would. Before this, the word "mortal", was a concept but now they could fathom the deep meaning. They could gather that eventually one has to die, never to return.
They have learnt to cherish and respect every moment.
Laila in every stage of her life - our life
Laila knew many things. She knew her absence will be painful for us therefore while bidding final adieu she presented four snowballs as gifts or remembrance. She left us...but left us with hope. Let the barking , muddy paws stamped all over the floor, half chewed slipper scenes continue and so does the legacy of Laila.
Life goes on.
Now I have Baloo one of her pups. We never wanted to part with any of Laila's pups but recurring shiftings and space constraint compelled us to do otherwise. They are in good homes and called by Baloo, Simba, Dora and Bela. This is my two and half years old Laila's short snow princess.

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