Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Just not a Mother

                                                              Just not a Mother

I always saw her as a mother,
I repent for not seeing her any other.

She was also a girl with gusto,
Fearless fetish vivacious,
Her smile buried deep sorrows,
Her desire to live was voracious.

But why I saw only a mother?
A girl sometimes peeped through beneath her duties,
A soul eager to live
Lost in the worldly niceties.

Why didn't I see a teenager?
Fun frolic coquettish-Oh! what a pleasure
But I saw you just as a mother,
A sage, provider, giver and nothing other.

In you I wanted only affection
For the world-child love is the only perfection,
Nothing else matter,
You're a mother- nothing other.

You cared for us round the clock
Watched every step like a hawk,
But it was also undeniably true
There was a woman curled up in you.

I never knew or bothered about your wish
To express it, probably you had to be selfish,
That's what all the world want
A widow should cry with her husband's urn.

But why didn't I see?
There is a woman in front of me!
Are you just a symbol of sacrifice?
For whose vice? Why did you always tried to be nice?

You reared me with love and care
But maa, where is your share?
Oh! I forgot, you cannot have any desire
that 'll ignite the world's ire.

But, why did I fail to see
A girl and a woman in thee?
I silently followed all
As though commitment was your only call.

Why did I see you as a mother? 
Nothing other, nothing other.

You are just not a 'mother' for me
A living soul with dreams--you see,
I feel it as I am a mother now
But how does it matter anyhow?
Because it's been quite long,
Since you are gone, you are gone.  


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